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ooc; How to get In-Character

Jack O'Neill is the easiest character for me to get into character with. If I have trouble there is one thing I have to do, it's very simple.

First I watch this:

If that doesn't work completely, I watch this:

Usually, those two work just fine. Rarely do I need the second vid.


After that I just let Jack go and do his thing and I sit back and watch.


Taxon Meme

Name: Jonathan J. O'Neill
Nicknames: Jack
Age: 52
Birthday/Starsign: Libra
Abode (Taxon): His cabin and pond came with him... he'll find them soon enough.

Abilities/Skills: Black Ops training and all the fun involved with that. Paratrooper, hand-to-hand combat, marksmenship, survival training...etc.
He can control the technology of the Ancients due to the "Ancient Gene."Basically, he can control it with his mind!
He can also juggle.
Physical Health: Pretty good for his age aside from knee and back troubles. Though that's mostly his knees.
IQ(approximate is fine): Higher than average but he plays dumb. Many have said he is A LOT smarter than he acts.
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert :B Hi, how'ya doing?
Phobias/Fears: ...being trapped with no way out. Stems from being a P.O.W.
Mental Health: ...he's a bit nuts, but in a good way.

Goals/Dreams: Save the world then go fishing. And maybe get a dog.
Likes: Fishing, beer, fishing, beer, outside, dogs, beer,dogs.
Dislikes: NID, authority
Humour: He haz it. Sarcastic and wacky sense of humor.
First Impression: Strangely happy go lucky with a gun.
Innocent or guilty: Guilty!

Height: Somewhere around 6'3"ish
Weight: I'm afraid to say
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Gray to Silver
Build: Lean
Defining Marks, scars, etc: Scar on his left eyebrow... and well, if you're REALLY curious, click here.
Dress Style: Military or Casual. When casual it's usually jeans and a tee-shirt. Usually a flannel shirt over that.
Speech: Mid-western. He often mispronounces things on purpose. Couple samples: Bite me, best of.

MaritalStatus: Divorced
Sexual Preference: Don't Ask Don't Tell >(
Sex before marriage: Sure, why not.
Casualsex?: When drugged or drunk, totally.
Relationships: Coooomplicated. He still loves his ex-wife Sara very deeply, though they haven't been together since their son's death. He also has a thing for Carter, but due to rank, they've never explored it. He might also have a thing for Daniel(who doesn't?), but that's up for interpretation.
General: He's very closed off. He's the kind of man who could go the rest of his life without getting with someone. He relies more on friends than romantic interests... if that makes any kinda sense.

Friend: Daniel Jackson BFFs <3!
Book: National Geographic (I know it's not a book but it's what he reads alright?!)
TV Show/Movie/Play: The Simpsons
Colour: Green (Red is a close second)
Drink: Beer
Food: Chinese or Pizza or Pie. Any food that can be cut into triangles and eaten.
Thing to do: Fishing

Least Favourites
Person: Ba'al
Book: Big honkin' thick technical manuals.
TVShow/Movie: He's really not into Sci-Fi
Colour: Changes with his mood.
Drink: Not too keen on mixed drinks.
Food: yogurt
Thing To Do: Nothing.


Taxon Info

Character name: Col. Jack O'Neill
Genre (TV/books/etc): TV series
Fandom: Stargate SG-1

Canon point: Jack is taken from season 8 of Stargate SG-1. Specifically he's taken from right after they defeat the Replicators on Thor's world but before they head back to Earth. Basically, he's taken from right before he gets promoted to Brigadier General; making this Jack still technically a Colonel.

Programmed Possession: His cabin and pond from Minnesota.

First off, he's got a bit of an ACL(anterior cruciate ligament) problem in both knees. Something he's developed over years of military service and an active life-style. His lower back has also gotten a bit on the arthritic side, but nothing more than overly tense muscles to compensate.
He carries the Ancient Gene making it possible for him to activate and control(sometimes without his knowledge) the technology of the Ancients.
Beyond typical Air-Force training, Jack has black ops experience and training. He is an excellent marksmen and decent in hand-to-hand combat. He is also strongly resistant to torture. He is an expert military strategist and best and making the most of a dire situation if not completely turning it around in his favor.

Psychology/Personality: Much of Jack's life was shaped by pain and loss but he's used humor to help buffer that pain. His greatest pain was the lost of his son, who accidentally shot himself with Jack's personal gun. That marked the darkest part of Jack's life it wasn't until after the events of the first Abydos mission, he took a turn toward the more humorous side of his nature. He made a conscious decision to make the most of his life from then on. That said, he's never completely forgave himself for the death of his son.
He is irreverent toward authority... well, irreverent toward everything, but mostly authority. One of the core aspects of his personality is his “leave no one behind” philosophy. This sometimes make him brave to the point of stupidity. He'll do whatever it takes to get his people, his friends, his loved ones, safe and more importantly, free. His leadership skills come from a “lead by example” out look. He'd never ask anyone under his command to do anything he wasn't prepared to do himself. He can also be a bit short-tempered but that is usually in the face of pressure and great odds against him.
Jack is very intelligent, but chooses come off dumber than he is. In many ways this works to his advantage, causing his enemies to underestimate him.
HistoryCollapse )
First Person SampleCollapse )
Third Person SampleCollapse )


How's My Driving?

This is the part where you tell my player what they are doing wrong. Or what they're doing right, as unlikely as that might be.

IP logging is turned off.

Go nuts, kids.



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